Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Our Halloween

I've seen everybody elses Halloween pics and blogs I thought I should contribute.

My my Mom and Dad came to visit and it was lots of fun. My Mom cracks me up. The kids loved having Grandma Johnson around since they don't get to see them much.

Here is my Mom and Dad, Happy and in Love after 40 something years...

Doesn't my Mom look great!

Here's a pic of our family pre-trick or treating.

Gracie was a BSU cheerleader...

Go Broncos!!!

Chase was spider man again.

and last but not least our superman a.k.a. Chance

All in all it was a great Halloween and weekend.

Here's a pic. of just Jeff and I...my parents were there to take it for us since we never can take any of the two of us.

Sorry about the quality of pictures. My camera was acting up.

Love ya all, until next time.


P.S. a special shout out to my favorite big sis. Jeanna. Happy Birthday!